A recent study in Richmond, VA showed that heat islands (areas without vegetation that are prone to high temperatures) are linked to a higher occurrence of heat-related illnesses. Well-distributed green space is an easy way to mitigate those risks. Furthermore, access to parks and playgrounds makes it easier for residents to live healthy lifestyles. As Commissioner, I will:

  • Identify areas in Eckington that need new tree boxes and added greenery, and work with neighbors and the city to address those needs.
  • Ensure the community benefits agreements in Eckington that include added green space (like the Foulger Pratt Development and the coming Tanner Park) are fulfilled in a timely and adequate manner.
  • Engage in decisions around the McMillan Sand Filtration site with an eye toward balancing the need for additional housing while preserving the site's history and creating public green space that maximizes usability for nearby residents.